Thursday, July 28

Word of the day: Gallivant

Do you get word of the day emails?

I signed up for the ones from and Merriam-Webster a couple of years ago. Truth be told, I just trash the emails when I'm on vacation, or over-busy (like now, with the two jobs and the travel), but more often than not, I read them. Occasionally a word becomes an excellent addition to my repertoire, or strikes a chord given the circumstances in my life on that day.

Today's word falls in the latter category:
gallivant \GAL-uh-vant\
1: to go about usually ostentatiously or indiscreetly with members of the opposite sex
2: to travel, roam, or move about for pleasure
OK - Definition #1 doesn't suit me at all, unless going for an evening run with Hubby counts as ostentatious "going about" with a member of the opposite sex? I will have to ask him about this when he gets home. Heaven forbid he ruin my sterling reputation!

But the second definition - traveling, roaming, or moving about for pleasure - suits my lifestyle, especially for the next few months, perfectly. This word-of-the-day showed up in the same pile of emails that contained travel reminders for trips I'm taking over the next three months plus a boatload of race registration suggestions for 5k, 10k, and half marathons to run in the fall.

The travel definition fits.
And maybe running should be considered "mov(ing) about for pleasure?" Certainly hiking must be gallivanting.

This is where I was a year ago this month: Gallivanting in Olympic National Park.

I suppose this mountain goat was gallivanting, too?

In conclusion: I gallivant!

Have you done any gallivanting lately?


  1. Native Filipinos actually use this english word. It's kinda used semi-derogatory... like "Ano Ginagawa Mo? Gallavanting?" Which means "What are you doing? You must be wasting your time here and there aimlessly." Just thought I'd share. Hi Beth. :)

  2. Oh! Thanks for teaching me something new. (Mental note: should not use this phrase around my mother-in-law!)


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