Wednesday, January 18

A flat tire kind of day

I woke up thinking "I should wear pants, not a dress, today." But did I listen to that nagging voice?
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Nosiree. I did not.

So at 11am I was in a gas station parking lot... examining a deflating tire, holding an air-hose in my hand, with my skirt threatening a Marilyn Monroe moment.

Next time I wear pants.
There is no graceful way to deal with car repairs in a dress.
Not one.

"Maybe the tire is just low." I thought to myself, knowing full well that it was not "just low."

I gave up on the air hose when I (finally) spotted the culprit: a steel nail buried in the tread.

Thankfully the repair station around the corner was open, and was amenable to replacing the evil nail with a sturdy patch.
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$15 later (does it really cost that much to patch a tire these days?) I was on my way again.

I could be bitter about the flat tire incident, but if I stop to think about it... I could have missed the puncture until the tire was good and flat. If I had waited any longer... if I had been delayed in a meeting... if I just hadn't noticed... I would have I needed to put the spare on just to get the car to a repair shop.

That would have been a bad start to the day.

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Instead, I found the flattening tire in time, and the whole process took less than 30 minutes. That 30 minutes was what little "spare" time I had today (pun intended - it's been a long day), but it could have been worse.

So, no run today.
But that's OK, too.

Yesterday was 2-fer Tuesday. 4 miles in the morning, a 3 more at night, both faster than I should be doing on a pre-race "taper" week.

My legs earned a rest.

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  1. It was like a very tiring day.
    Well atleast nothing bad happened.


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