Wednesday, January 11

Long days

5:45am alarm clock, but eyes wide open at 5:30.
In the confusion of dawn light: Is it nerves? Do I have a race today?
The coffee maker is set to brew at 6 so it's ready when I stop hitting "snooze."
I rush to get out the door on time.
Do I have my notes? My textbook? My roster?
Where's my coffee?

Spring semester has started!
And oh what a semester it will be...

Two days a week I'm scheduled for 12-hour days. I start office hours before 9am. My last class ends at 9pm. I  work the "day job" in the middle. I have exactly 30 minutes for lunch. Only.

This is not a complaint, it's a statement of the situation. I am happy to be teaching, despite the long hours.

But half an hour break for lunch is not enough time for a workout. (Or is it? Maybe if I eat at my desk, I can sneak in a quick run around the block? Maybe I can get in a round of strength training before I leave in the morning?) Dinner waits until I get home (sometimes 10pm). I will have just enough energy to shovel food into my mouth and put on my pajamas. Working out after class is an unlikely option.

Is it bad that my biggest concern about this semester is what havoc it will wreak on my training schedule? Is it weird that I'm already postering my home office with signs like this:

I know I will make it through the next 16 weeks. I have done more difficult things than teach morning and night. But I want to keep my sanity and health intact during these 12-hour days.
I will find a way to adjust my schedule to make this work.

How do you stay fit when your schedule gets crunched?


  1. Sometimes it's hard but I'm sure you'll find a way to make it work. We all do, the weekdays are so much to squeeze things into!

  2. Wow - those are some long days!Usually I just get up earlier if that will make it work - but there are tons of short HIIT workouts online that can be fit into a 1/2 lunch - not the same as a run, but it's something on those days when you can't get a long workout in....

  3. Being also an academic, I've had those days, too. The hardest part for me is not the long days themselves - those I just give up as rest days. The hardest part for me is recovering the next day. After teaching a full day, plus meetings, office hours, grading, prep, research, etc., I'm exhausted the day after. Good luck!

  4. Sounds like your days will be enough of a workout without trying add a run in there. Good luck with your new schedule. Cheers!

  5. Challenging, for sure! I really can't begin to compare my flexible schedule, so I'm only going to say, you'll work it out b/c you have the will! Good luck.

  6. I tend to schedule my rest days for the days that I have a crazy time table or work 12 plus hours.

  7. I agree with the comment that you'll manage it because you have the will- but using them as rest days sounds sensible! :) best of luck, woman :)

  8. When I have those days where I can't get up extra early, no energy at night, and too busy during the day...The only way sometimes to get exercise in (and fresh air) is to use my commute. I bike to work. I know that's not possible for everyone but something to consider. Otherwise, maybe those days were meant to close the office door and do some meditation and stretching so you can kick extra ass on your workout days.


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