Thursday, January 19

Thursday thanks and race-day goals

"What am I thankful for this week?" I wondered to myself while I ticked off the miles on this morning's run. The thought: "I need to post something soon for Thursday thanks" was nagging at me.

Then, as often happens in the days before a race, I got distracted by my race goals:
  • Stretch goal: Sub-2 hour half marathon. I've run 1:53 before, but if November's race is any indication, my return to longer distances still needs some work.
  • Bringing my A-game goal: 2:04 finish time, while still being able to walk back to my car at the end of the race. Dropping several minutes off of my last half marathon time (or more than 30 seconds per mile) over the past two months would be a major accomplishment. My shorter-distance pace says I can do it. I say I can do it.
  • If all else fails goal: Negative splits. I trained myself to run negative splits in 5k and 10k races, but I always seem to fall apart a little between miles 10 and 12 in longer races. I want to finish Sunday's race as strong as I start.
Normally I'd throw a goal in there to "have fun" or "enjoy the ride" or "finish strong."
But who am I kidding?
I care about this race.

I just want to be faster
than my neighborhood turtle.
Is that so much to ask?
In November, I could blow off a not-my-best showing pace by saying that I was injured and had not run a half marathon in a couple of years. November was a "getting back into the swing of things" race.

This one counts.

Which brings us back around to Thursday thanks:
This week I am thankful that I have the physical, mental, and financial ability to train for half marathons.

Are you racing this weekend? If so, what are you goals?
What else are you thankful for this week?


  1. I'm thankful for 2 pain free runs so far - has me a little optimistic I can kick this injury to the curb.

    This was a great post - I've run lots of races with no time goals, but when I've trained for something specifically it's a whole new ballgame. Good luck running this weekend - looking forward to reading the race report.

  2. I am thankful for feeling strong and fit again! It takes awhile to get back to this lovely place after injury but I'm getting there, slowly but surely.

    I am grateful that I have over 20 people willing to volunteer with me at the Diva Dash on Saturday.

    I am grateful that my mom will be coming all the way to boston in april to cheer me on! It means the world to me.

    I am thankful that my friend brought me a cup of coffee this morning since I overslept.

    I am grateful for your blog for reminding me to do a gratitude list.

    There is so much to be grateful for.

    :) Happy Thursday!

  3. Great post, B! You know I am going to insist that you can have a great race with challenging goals and still sprinkle in a little fun. To me, that's what makes the experience worth repeating later! Faster, of course ... : )

    Bunch of your SDR buddies will be running Carlsbad Half and Full this Sunday. We are expecting Florida weather: hot, humid and RAINY! For me, it will be yet another "could not train for it but still can be a good running buddy" race. Upsetting? Yes, a little. I wanted to see if I can beat my time from last year, which was my first.

    But so what? I am thankful to have the opportunity to complete the race and to help someone finish their first half!

    I wish you success with your race, I KNOW you can achieve all your goals! And really, B ... would you please still have a LITTLE fun?!! : ) HAPPY RUNNING!!

  4. @MZ - I'm sure I'll enjoy myself (after all - I do this because I love it. no one points a gun at my head and says "run!") But I think I'll enjoy this race more after than during, no matter how fast or slow I am. ;)


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