Sunday, January 29

Virtually in Texas

Hubby and I just returned from a whirlwind trip to Dallas-Fort Worth. In less than 30 hours we...

...visited family.

...learned the Cupid Shuffle.

Sad that the song is 5 years old and I just now am catching on.

We flew into DFW for a wedding. The wedding was mid-afternoon, so cake at the reception was "lunch," and line dancing was my workout for the day.

Then we...
...ate dinner at a grocery store.

Texas has amazing BBQ and Tex-Mex food, but the salad bar and prepared foods section at Central Market is incredible - everything from roast chicken to vegan meatballs and from gooey mac & cheese to four grain salad... It is one of my favorite places to eat in Fort Worth. I'll have to remember to take pictures next time, in the meantime, you get grainy photos from their website:
Image source
And when I woke up I...
...ran a 5k (virtually).
Sunday morning we worked out in the hotel gym, since most of suburban Texas has lots of freeway and very little sidewalk. I ran 6 x 400 sprint intervals. Officially this run, with warmup and cool down time, counted as my contribution to the Freeze Your Thorns off 5k hosted by Adam, The Boring Runner.

Yes, I know I was a day late.
This is the first race I've ever shown up for on the wrong day. But it's virtual. So I virtually ran it on Saturday, OK?

A quick shower, change, then...
... one last visit with family.

And last, but not least...
...we virtually had BBQ in Fort Worth.
We did eat brisket and smoked sausage. But our short-duration trip didn't leave us much time for lingering over meals, so we grabbed a quick bite at Railhead BBQ in the DFW airport. The airport outpost is definitely not as good as the original, but it will do in a pinch. (And either way, we have leftovers in the fridge... Mmm...)

Have you ever run a virtual race, and if so, which one?
What is your favorite quick and easy meal when you're traveling?


  1. A friend who lives in Fort Worth raves about Central Market. Next time....

    I usually grab Panera or Subway when I'm roadtripping. Easy and comparatively healthy.

  2. I ran the FYTO virtual 5k this weekend too! Just finished blogging a race report on it actually. For a quick and easy meal I love love love subway! yummm, I could probably eat that everyday!! :)

  3. haha I love that you learned the Cupid shuffle!
    I've never run a virtual race...I didn't even know they existed!

  4. Sounds like a busy weekend! The cupid shuffle - so funny. Great job getting your 5k in!

  5. I like to "eat local" but Panera and Subway are definitely both on my list of go-to places when I travel!

    As for the Cupid Shuffle... I felt so out of the loop not knowing it, but I picked it up pretty quickly, so that helps. :)


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