Saturday, January 7

Hiking - or "how I spent my Saturday"

Let's be honest, Northwest Florida is not known for its hiking.
What with the poisonous snakesferal hogs, and 'gators (and not just the University of Florida kind), it's little wonder that most people who go into the woods here go with guns.

But I'm a hiking girl. I love to walk through the woods. So I keep trying to find new trails.

Today Hubby and I found a good one. We hiked the Sweetwater Trail (1.5 miles) from Krul Lake to Bear Lake, then did a 4 mile loop around Bear Lake, and back again. (See trail map.)
Krul Lake
I found the lake and trails when I volunteered at the Blackwater Trail Half Marathon. Today Hubby and I started off at Krul lake on an elevated wooden path. (Did they build the boardwalk to avoid alligators, I wonder?)
Boardwalk and bridge near Krul Lake
The boardwalk only lasted about a mile, then we were back on more traditional hiking trails. At 1.5 miles the Sweetwater Trail ends at the Bear Lake Loop trail. While the western side of the lake showed signs of fire damage (whether wildfire or controlled burn, I do not know), the eastern side was lush and green.
View from a cove on the east side of Bear Lake
Unfortunately, at this point the temperature started dropping and clouds started moving in. Rather than mosey back to the car (and take lots more photos), we picked up the pace. Our decision was a wise one, and our timing was perfect. The first raindrops hit the trunk of the car right after we put the camera in...

But before we left, I snapped one last photo...
Tree trunks that look like elephant feet.
And now we're home.
No 'gator attacks!

Now I'm off to shower, change into a fluffy bathrobe, make a plate of nachos, and watch football with Hubby.

How did you spend your Saturday?
Are you a hiker? If so, what is your favorite hiking trail?

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  1. What beautiful pictures. I love to hike as well and would do it frequently when we lived in the Pacific Northwest


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