Monday, January 16

Taper distractions

Less than 6 days left until my first half marathon of 2012... The headcold that attached itself to me two weeks ago hasn't let go yet, so if I'm going to be healthy for the race, I have to really rest this week. Early bedtimes. Hydration. Relaxing. Little running.

In short...
I'm losing my mind and it's only the beginning of the week!
Why is it that when we're not supposed to run, the only thing we can think about is running?

As a distraction, Hubby and I went for a nice, long walk on the beach.
I started power walking.
Hubby reminded me that we were supposed to take a leisurely stroll. (I don't need to risk pulling my calf muscle again.) Relax.
I kept racing ahead, like there was some finish line farther down the beach.
I found myself glaring jealously at runners who passed by.
I need to get over this. Tapering is part of training.
I am confident that my running base is solid. I need to remind myself that I have a better kick when my legs are rested, and that if I run too hard this week, I risk screwing up what could be a very good start to this racing year.

And, in the final analysis, I have to admit, the beach was gorgeous.
Empty of tourists.
Mid-60s temperatures.
Beautiful sunset.
No reason to rush...

What is your favorite leisure activity (especially for your pre-race taper days)?

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  1. That sunset looks incredible and breathtaking :). it would definitely make me relax and take in the moment :). Wonderful post


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