Sunday, January 8

Recipe for a Sunday run

Freshly baked run!
1 runner
2 shoes
1 bottle of water
3 pieces of gum
12 miles
1 Bloody Mary
Bodyglide (optional)

  • Put shoes on runner.
  • Be sure to double knot the laces, because they keep coming undone. (This annoyance might be enough to convince this runner to switch to barefoot running.)
  • Grease sides of runner with Bodyglide to prevent chafing.
  • Hand runner 1 bottle of water and 3 pieces of gum.
  • Push runner out the door.
  • Sweat at 73 degrees (yes, in January) for 2 hours, or until 12 miles are done. Whichever comes first.
  • Feed gum to runner if runner complains that it is too F#@$%ing hot for the middle of winter. (Repeat up to 2 more times. More than that, and the runner's jaw will seize up... which, on second thought, might be a good way to stop the runner's cussing about the heat...)
  • Add more water to achieve desired hydration level.
  • Top off with Bloody Mary when finished.


  1. 73 degrees? Are you serious? I can't even remember what that feels like.

  2. Love it. And am jealous of your 73 degrees!

  3. Sure. Be jealous now. But in August the weather here is not so fun! ;)

  4. I just LOVE your recipe.. it's cute, fun, and definitely motivating. I need to start running

  5. I can't wait until I get to run in warmer weather again. I miss it something fierce.

  6. Recipe for blog comment:

    1. Read blog post.
    2. Laugh A$$ off!!!
    3. Leave comment.

  7. Haha what Jim said. Good one, woman, and well done you on those 12 miles!! :)


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