Wednesday, January 4

Photo journal - and the last installment on Barcelona

As you know by now, Hubby and I spent 5 days in Barcelona. While there, I finished up my 42-day holiday running streak, which included running with local runners and spectating at the Cursa dels Nassos (a New Year's Eve 10k).

But running only took up a small portion of each action-packed day! So here's the photo-journal (read: short with pretty pictures) wrap-up of the trip!

We ate copious amounts of jamon, pan amb tomaquet (aka "pan con tomate" aka "bread with tomato"), and "copas de cava."

Browsed the markets.

Wandered narrow alleys.

Toured centuries-old churches.

Appreciated the street art.
(for more street art photos, click here)

Tried to understand Gaudi.

Finally started to understand Gaudi.
(for more photos of the Sagrada Familia, click here)

Took an aerial tram ride in 20mph winds...
(...and would not recommend trying this at home!)

Ate LOTS of food, especially mariscos (seafood)...

And drank every vermouth drink I could get my hands on.*
Dark vermouth, slice of orange, and a spash (each) of
campari, soda, and some other, clear liquor.* 
*If anyone knows the name of this mystery vermouth concoction, please do tell! I'll forever be grateful! I'd never had it before. The waiter called it "vermouth c_____" but i don't recall what the second word was!


  1. So beautiful! I need to add Spain to my traveling wish list.

  2. looks like such a great trip! I am so jealous!

  3. The pictures are great. Looks like you had a ton of fun!


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