Friday, January 6

New directions

I recently accepted an opportunity to write about fitness for I am excited about this chance to expand my fitness writing to a new venue. (Though, of course, "Yes, folks." will continue to be my first priority.)

If you have story ideas send them my way! Also, if you live on the Florida Gulf Coast and want to be interviewed, here's your chance at fame. Drop me a line!

And, for those of you who can't get enough of Yes, folks. I run like a girl:
Now you can follow along on Facebook!

This gives us an opportunity to have more of a "conversation" than the comments section does.

PS - I'd like to post a special thanks to Vanessa at Gourmet Runner for some excellent tips on improving blog visibility. Thank you!


  1. Congrats on writing for Examiner! That is so exciting. And thank you for mentioning the Diva Dash for me. That is fantastic. Right now it says that there are no spots available but I am having them add a few more spots because some people are bound to not show. I wish you could volunteer!

  2. congrats again on the new gig - very exciting!

  3. That is awesome. What a neat opportunity!


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