Saturday, January 21

Perfect conditions

Tomorrow I had hoped for temperatures in the 40s. Dry weather might have been nice, too.

Instead, no matter how many times I check, the forecast remains: mid-60s, 94 percent humidity (yes, folks -- 94 percent humidity -- 6 points shy of a swimming pool), and thunderstorms.

Ideal race conditions these are not.

I started to second-guess my race: Maybe I should have run last weekend when the weather was perfect for a half marathon! Why did I spectate when I could have been running?

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Maybe I should sleep in...?

Yeah, right!

Tomorrow's race isn't just about seeing how fast I can go after a couple more months of training. It is the first 13.1 in my goal of 5 goal half marathons this year.

It is also another notch on my "race in a different state" belt.

And I knew I wasn't going to "win" the race anyway. That's not why I run.

So I'm going out there tomorrow. I may be fast (gotta' outrun those lightning bolts!). Or I may be slow (this is running, not swimming, right?)

But no matter what, when I come home tomorrow, I'll have covered 13.1 beautiful new miles.

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