Thursday, January 10

Daily dose of awesome

Little awesome moments happen every day...
Daily Dose of Awesome highlights the awesome little things that don't make headlines (but should).

This week I was at a checkout counter picking up a couple of necessities... apples, dish detergent, a bottle of vitamins, and a few other odds and ends. When the transaction was nearly complete, the cashier riffled through a stack of coupons beside her register, but I didn't pay much attention.

I swiped my card, and started collecting my bags, expecting to go on my merry way.

Just as my credit card cleared, the cashier handed me a slip of paper with one hand while she scanned my receipt with the other. She said: "Didn't you buy supplements?"

The paper was a $1 coupon for the multivitamin I had just purchased.

With a couple of clicks on her keyboard to account for the newly-found coupon, the cashier popped open the register and handed me a crisp $1 bill.
I handed back the coupon, a dollar richer, and a whole lot happier thanks to customer service that went more than the extra mile.

What good news story do you have to share?

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  1. Great idea to record and appreciate those little moments in our day!


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