Wednesday, January 9

Rants & Raves


The winter cover of Women's Health magazine claims that with an "8-hour diet" you can
"Eat Anything (Yes, Anything!) and Still Drop Pounds - Fast."
Riiiight... Because fad dieting sounds like sane, healthy advice. *sarcasm quota fulfilled for the week*

This headline is so ridiculous I'm not even sure it merits the energy required for a rant... I will, however, suggest that the editors should rethink the name of the magazine. Perhaps "Media Delusions" might be more appropriate?


For EMZ's 36th birthday, she ran 36 miles.

Yes, that's pretty spectacular.

But ...'s the 36 random acts of kindness that deserve a rave review.
(My favorite? Anonymous gift cards tucked into random books at the local library. It makes me smile just to think that some unsuspecting reader will get a little surprise gift.)

What are you ranting about or raving about this week?

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