Wednesday, January 30

Rants & Raves


We are running a race, not a fashion show.

Earlier this week I received an email from a running group. The email explained when, where, and how the group would meet up before an upcoming race. (Seems innocent enough, right?) The instructions:
arrive wearing your team jersey AND lipstick
(capitals included in the original.)

A similar pre-race email last year suggested that women should have a little respect and put on lipstick before a race.

My head nearly exploded.*

Don't get me wrong... I have no problem with whatever you want to wear to a race. I don't care if you run shirtless or in long sleeves and leggings. I don't care if you wear lipstick that matches your shoes or show up with bed-head. I don't care if you run in decades-old clothes, a hula skirt, an Elvis costume, or dressed as a fairy princess. (In fact, I sort of love running Elvii...)

And more power to you if you can find waterproof mascara that doesn't run faster than you do.

But don't you dare tell me (or anyone else) that I am doing something wrong by not wearing makeup on race morning.

I'm here to run. Not to preen.

As fellow runners, we should support one another in our athletic accomplishments, not belittle people for their appearance.

No amount of makeup covers bad manners or poor sportsmanship.

(*Time to un-subscribe from that running group! And in case you're wondering why I didn't un-subscribe earlier, I thought the first jab was just a joke. Clearly I was mistaken...)


Lest you think the rant, above, is anti-makeup... (It's not. It's anti-peer pressure and shaming.)
Image source

This week I'm raving about the new "strength" collection from MAC cosmetics. Specifically, I'm impressed by the non-traditional model they feature in their ads.
Image source

Bodybuilder Jelena Abbou flexes her muscles proudly in the campaign's iconic poster.
This advertisement is a refreshing break from the stereotypically slim model and Photoshop horrors.

Bravo, MAC!

So, tell me, what are you ranting or raving about this week?

Mascara wand image from LeCosmetique, graphic design edits made by yours truly.

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  1. Wow. More power to those that can hang in makeup but to suggest it is crazy. I'm a sweater when I run, makeup need not apply! ;)


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