Saturday, January 5

More (blog) ch-ch-ch- changes

In addition to life changes, 2013 will bring some new features to the blog.

Thursday Thanks is going away.*
(cue sad music)

Taking the place of Thanks will be a new series focusing on the little slices of awesome that happen every day... like the time a stranger surprised me by paying my bridge toll or the news that someone shook up the morning commute by filling a subway car with balloons. Some of these tales will be running related. Some will be travel related. Some may even come from reader suggestions.
They will all be awesome.**

The new series name is still TBD, but suggestions are welcome!
Maybe I should sell the naming rights???

I also have some other changes in mind, but we'll take this one step at a time.

*I'm retiring Thanks, at least in blog form. I plan to continue the practice offline. There are only so many times I can write about a great cup of coffee or a cool new book I'm reading before y'all start heading for the hills.
**Or at least I'll think they're awesome. If you don't agree that random acts of kindness are awesome, why are you still reading this blog?

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