Friday, January 18

Weekly roundup: Friday potluck

Welcome to another installment of the weekly roundup we all know and love: Friday potluck!
This week... Oh, the stereotypes!
(And plenty of other juicy stuff, too...)

Act dumb and Boys Will Like You!

In painful-to-read pandering to stereotypes, a data analyst goes undercover and collects helpful hints for online dating. In her summary for the Wall Street Journal, analyst Amy Webb urges women to dumb down their dating profile...
Women: Don't mention work, especially if your job is difficult to explain. You may have the most amazing career on the planet, but it can inadvertently intimidate someone looking at your profile. I realize this sounds horribly regressive, but during my experiment I found that women were attracted to men with high-profile careers, while the majority of men were turned off by powerful women.
I'm not sure what's more insulting: the idea that a woman, in 2012, should play dumb to land a mate, or the idea that a man's ego is so fragile he would be seduced by such a trick?

And don't even get me started on the research ethics violations associated with collecting information without gaining the informed consent of the participants.

Thankfully there are plenty of strong, smart people out there who don't dumb down their achievements, fluff their resumes, or pretend to be weak in order to shine.

Challenge accepted!

The results are in for Kim's 2012 New 2 U Cross Training Challenge. I'm impressed by the wide variety of workouts and how very far some participants got out of their comfort zone!

Buh-bye heel drop?

I'm pretty sure these are knockoffs, since I can't find them on, but still...
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Boost your immunity

Since flu season is upon us, the New York Times has a helpful hint: Allegedly, you can beef up the protective factor of your flu shot by exercising.

Quote of the week:
"...the only shoe you need is the one that allows you to enjoy the experience [of running] without pain. That’s the only thing that really matters. I don’t much care if it’s a traditional 12oz shoe or a 4oz flat, the key is that it works for your body."
Pete Larson (Runblogger)

Happy Friday, friends!

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