Thursday, January 17

Daily dose of awesome

Little awesome moments happen every day...
Daily Dose of Awesome highlights the awesome little things that don't make headlines (but should).

Not Awesome: Last Tuesday morning I locked myself out of the house. Still in my pajamas. With no phone. No wallet. Covered in dust and cleaning products.

It's a long story to explain how the lockout happened.
The short version is: Blame. The. Cat.
Sure, she looks cute and innocent...

Awesome: The kindness of neighbors.

One of my neighbors is often home during the day. (Oh, the joys of retirement!) He's the de-facto neighborhood watchman. He was the first person to greet Hubby and I when we moved into the neighborhood, and he's the first person all the neighbors call when there's an emergency.


Pajama-clad and all, I went and knocked on my neighbor's door.

He welcomed me in, let me wash the grime and dust off, and handed me his phone so I could make the long-distance call to Hubby's cell.

Then my neighbor turned his computer on so I could send an SOS message to Hubby at work. (In this day and age email gets a response FAR faster than voicemail.) Once we knew help was on the way, my neighbor offered me a place to rest (read: not locked outside in my pajamas) while I waited.

The keys... which were inside the house when the latch clicked closed behind me.
Had my neighbor not welcomed me in, I'd have been up a creek without a paddle (or stuck outside with neither cell phone nor wallet). I'd probably have languished out there for hours, with no food and only the garden hose for drinking water, 'til Hubby came home from work. Goodness knows walking to the nearest convenience store in flip flops and pajamas - then begging to use their phone - was not an attractive alternative...

What awesome stories do you have to share?

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