Monday, January 14

In search of the 5k PR (week 1 training report)

The quest for the sub-24 5k continues...

Last week's plan / actual:
  • Monday: strength circuit + stationary bike / strength circuit + stationary bike
  • Tuesday: speedwork intervals / 1 mile warm-up + 6 x 1:45 min. @ 7:00 pace with 1 min R.I.*
  • Wednesday: yoga / 30 minutes of Dave Farmar's yoga podcast
  • Thursday: 3-5 mile easy run + strength circuit / slacker day: 2.5 mile run, after dark, cut short as the skies opened up... more on that below.
  • Friday: rest day (maybe a long, leisurely walk) / REST!
  • Saturday: 8 miles / 80 minute run...
  • Sunday: fun workout -- anything goes / Hike (*cough* leisurely stroll and photo-taking expedition) at Garcon Point nature trail (thanks to a trail review from Florida Hikes)
Saw palmetto, swamp grasses, and piney woods at Garcon Point

To be honest, the yoga workout I did on Wednesday was not the wisest choice for a recovery day. Farmar's yoga is muscle-building-hold-the-pose-for-3-minutes-til-you-shake yoga. Between strength training, speedwork, and ass-kicking yoga, by Wednesday night both my quads and arms were sore. Like maybe-I-should-take-a-rest-day sore.

I skipped strength training on Thursday.

I also cut my run short on Thursday, but that was an accident. When I went out to run at dusk, the day had been misty, but there was no rain. I had no reason to believe it would rain. Two miles into my run, I felt a plop on my head. Then another. Then the sky opened up...

The drenching downpour actually felt wonderfully refreshing, and had there been daylight, I would've kept going. (Or so I keep telling myself...)

Unfortunately, it was dark.

Running at night is one thing. Running at night in a downpour is a level of invisible-to-drivers that seems reckless at best. I want to run a fast 5k, not get run over by a fast car while training for a 5k.

Overall, success (except Thursday). Given how fatigued my muscles were, Friday rest day couldn't come soon enough! I need to rethink that plan for the coming week...

This week's plan:
  • Monday: strength circuit + 3 mile run
  • Tuesday: hill repeats (5 x quarter mile hill)
  • Wednesday: gentle yoga + strength circuit OR Farmar yoga podcast
  • Thursday: 4-5 mile easy run
  • Friday: rest day
  • Saturday: 6 miles
  • Sunday: fun workout -- anything goes

What are your race goals this year?

*Converting interval workout jargon to English: 6 x 1:45 min. @ 7:00 pace with 1 min R.I. means "run for 1 minute and 45 seconds at a 7 minute/mile pace. Rest (walk or easy run) for one minute. Repeat this process six times."

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