Tuesday, October 4

Shaking the dust off

Autumn leaves along the Housatonic River
in Stockbridge, MA
I spent almost all day yesterday on an airplane (story of my life). Between too much time wearing my over-heavy backpack and too many hours sitting in a cramped chair, I woke up today feeling like I got tossed around the luggage compartment, rather than sitting in a seat, for my flights.

I read the muscle-aches as a sign that perhaps I should sleep in and skip my morning run.

However, I also awoke to Florida temperatures in the sixties.
60s + sunny + dry = perfect running weather!

Clearly I brought some Berkshires autumn weather back with me. (That might explain why my pack weighed so much. Normally I'm an ultralight traveler.)

As I'm sure you can guess, in the debate between rest and running: the weather won the argument on the side of running. I couldn't resist a couple of morning miles. I rolled out of bed, pulled on my running shoes, and promised myself that this would be a "shake the dust off" recovery run.

I think of these runs sort of like clearing the dust off of a bicycle that sat in the garage too long. If I don't go, I'll just get rustier.
Pelican on a Pensacola pier.
I'll bet he has no problem flying all day!

I promised myself that I would run as long as it helped to loosen the knots in my neck and back, and I would switch to a walk if my backache got worse. I wound up knocking off almost four miles (no walking) and enjoying a gorgeous morning.

I won't say this morning's run was my most glamorous effort ever, but I loosened up after about 20 minutes, and felt better at the end than I had when I started.

My house might still be a post-travel mess, but at least I brushed the dust off myself.

Plus, I had a chance to chat with neighbors and watch pelicans fishing for their breakfast. It's no apple cider and autumn leaves, but I'll take it.

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