Thursday, October 20

Thursday thanks

This Thursday Thanks is brought to you by the magical powers of coffee.

By the time you read this, I will have been on the road for at least two hours en-route to a work event.

Coffee: You make it possible for me to wake up at ungodly hours to log my weekend long runs, and you make it possible to drive long distances before the sun even rises. My life would be dull without you.

Thank you, coffee. Thank you.

(Hopefully I will soon have fabulous stories to tell about running in a new city. But for now, I just need a refill.)


  1. glad you have your joe to keep you going today! Safe travels.

  2. Coffee is good for you! :) Enjoy your trip...

  3. Coffee is definitely one of life's finest indulgences. I'm not sure I could ever give it up!

  4. The coffee worked like a charm -- I was wide awake for the whole drive (and only had to stop for a restroom break once). However, I did have one major miscalculation... The event was *just* far enough away to be a time zone ahead! Doh! (Thank goodness no one was expecting me until 10am!)


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