Friday, October 14

Fun-filled Friday (even though it's a workday)

How to have a Friday (workday) that feels like you've already started the weekend:

Wake up at 6am.
Brush teeth.
Change into running clothes.
Take ridiculous picture showing off race swag.
Buy Hubby a coffee for humoring you by taking ridiculous pictures with his cell phone so that you can post them on your blog.

Rock out to "Pumped Up Kicks" on the drive home.
Confuse fellow drivers at stop lights because you are car-dancing.

Notice fellow drivers laughing at your car-dancing.

Keep dancing anyway.

Return to home office, and start work day still in gross gym clothes, because you got home too late to take a shower.

Start working on a project that is challenging, fun, and will keep you busy long enough that you won't notice the time going by.

Be proud that you're still in your sweaty running clothes.

Dear blog readers,
I hope your whole Friday is as epic as mine has already been.
If I could bottle this feeling and share it with you all, I would.

Have a GREAT day!


Special thanks to the woman who was right behind me in the final stretch. Hearing her footsteps coming up behind me pushed me HARD in that last 800 meters. Girl, you made me run faster than I thought I could run this morning! Thank you!


  1. that's awesome! What a great Friday! And I totally car dance...

  2. That is awesome, well done you!! :) Car dancing rocks (don't pay any attention to the funny looks...) :)

  3. Awesome job, congrats! What a great way to start the weekend :)

  4. i love dancing in the car!!! And umm yes a 5K placement is totally worth dancing


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