Friday, October 7

It's all in my head

Flu-prevention mask, circa 1918.
It's all in my head.

I've got a sniffly, sneezy, slimy, sleazy head cold.

Today was supposed to be speedwork day. I can't go to the gym, lest I sneeze on others. I don't want to go to the track, because, quite frankly, I feel like crap.

So I'm staying in.
Already did yoga.
Will go for a lunchtime walk.
Or just eat soup.
I'll figure that out when I get there.

But I was looking forward to 800m sprints. (Dear readers: The next time I need motivation, please remind me that there are times when I really WANT to run intervals and feel cheated when I cannot.)

Speaking of feeling cheated... To this cold, I have only one thing to say:
You're messing with my running.*
And don't even think of sticking around for my long run this weekend.
That's not an option.

Do you keep running when you're sick?
Or do you take a day off?

*Note: If Runner's World is any indication, I'm not the only person suffering from this malaise.

Photo courtesy of the State Library of New South Wales.


  1. Ugh, head colds are so annoying. Lots of OJ and chicken soup - hope you feel better!!

  2. yuck - sorry you're sick! I sometimes try to "run through" a cold, with mixed results - sometimes I feel better, sometimes worse. Hope you recover soon!


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