Monday, October 24

HUGE race discount for NOLA half (March 4)

A little birdie told me...
That tonight until midnight (or from noon-midnight following ANY Saints victory) you can get a discount off of Rock-n-Roll New Orleans race entry fee. The discount is $1 for every point the Saints score over their competitor (no discount if they lose).
Tonight's savings is $55 due to the complete collapse of the Colts...
Sorry Colts fans, but your loss is my extra Hurricane after the race!

See: for more details.


  1. Did you register? I'm in for the full!

  2. Nice! I did the half this year and loved it. Great course, great atmosphere, great way to sweat off all the beignets & buttery seafood!

  3. I'm suddenly tempted to start planning a trip to NOLA to cheer you on in March. U.S.-based vacations/breaks ftw! :-D


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