Sunday, October 9

Putting aside my fantasy fashionista

I had one of those slap-myself-in-the-forehead moments courtesy of Miss Minimalist's post, "Declutter Your Fantasy Self."

Doh! I am definitely guilty of fantasy #2.
"A socialite with a closet full of cocktail dresses, with shoes and bags to match… when the social event of your week is going to the coffee shop?"
I covet gorgeous, high-fashion clothes. Although I rarely admit this in the running blog universe: I read Vogue like my life depends on it. I attend art museum events and take mental notes on all of the brilliant outfits around me thinking that "someday I could look like that!"

But at heart, I'm a RUNNER. (And, ahem, I work from home. My cat cares not what I wear to the home office, as long as she's allowed to sit in my lap while I'm crunching numbers or on conference calls.)

While I'm not about to stop going to cocktail hour at the art museum, no one at the museum cares what I'm wearing, so why do I waste the mental energy (and closet space) on my fantasy fashionista?

And, maybe more importantly, someone else's "fantasty self" is fitness devotee, while I live that life to a T. I own a stationary bike, free weights, yoga mat, and half a dozen pairs of athletic shoes. My living room looks like it wants to be an Equinox gym when it grows up, and let's just say that I never have to dust the equipment.

Maybe I need to shop for a little less BCBG and a little more Brooks. After all, my $70 "splurge" on a new, matching Addidas pair of running shorts and singlet (the pride and joy of my running wardrobe!) has been put to good use every week for almost two years. On the other hand, that $70 little black dress has been worn exactly once.

Thank you, Miss Minimalist. This might just free up some closet space for a new pair of yoga pants or running tights. (After all, the cold weather is coming soon, and a new cocktail dress won't keep me warm on long morning runs.)

Do you have a fantasy self?
If so, what clutter could you get rid of?


  1. This one made me grin - I think I'm in serious danger of becoming a culinary diva - I keep having to refrain from going out buying loads of cooking/baking things inspired by some of the food blogs I read, when I'd never actually get around to doing anything with them. (maybe once the Big Move is done..) I am a bit of a pack rat though - it's funny how moving a few thousand miles helps you let go of a lot of clutter. :)

    The running gear sounds like a better investment, alright- though an occasional fancy dress probably doesn't do any harm... :)

  2. Oh, I'm not getting rid of the dress. But I have a closet full of similar dresses. I think I just need to stop window-shopping for more. ;)

  3. haha that's fair enough! :) I don't think it's the window-shopping that's the problem, though, probably more the actual shopping that does it ;) Everyone needs a very occasional non-sensible purchase, though, too. :)


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