Thursday, October 27

Thursday thanks

I have a handful of things to be thankful for this week. It was hard to pick just one, so I didn't.

First, a huge thanks to Gracie, at How I Complicated My Life Today for sharing information about the Rock 'n' Roll NOLA race discount.* Thanks to the New Orleans Saints for winning last Sunday's game by 55 points, and thanks to the Colts for... well... for not showing up to that game.
Total race savings for two entries: $110.

Who said blogging doesn't pay?
And who dat say dey gonna beat dem Saints?

Second, Hubby is an October baby. I normally don't get all mushy about him on the blog, but birthday month is an acceptable exception. He is smart, kind, thoughtful, and one helluva fast runner. (He makes a pretty good running buddy, too. I had to get faster just to try to keep up!)

Since I met Hubby, I regularly feel like I won the lottery.
Happy Birthday Honey!

And last, but not least, after last weekend's hip incident, I send my thanks to SUAR for a reminder that a crappy run does not have to be crappy:
"I mean, really. Even if you are puking or being carried off in as stretcher with a broken leg, how can you not appreciate the beauty around you? Being grateful for these gifts takes the edge off of our own personal crises. Sometimes we just need to get over ourselves and our drama."
So in that spirit, I've got plenty to be thankful for!

What are you thankful for right now?

*Note: The discount is still in effect for any Saints victory, but apparently the Competitor Group doesn't want to lose $385,000 again (7,000 entries x $55 discount each!), so they've capped the discount to three touchdowns. Still $18 off $14* isn't bad.
*correction issued. The cap is $14, even if they win by 3 touchdowns.


  1. YAY, YAY and YAY! (I needed the reminder on the third one this afternoon- applicable to life as much as to running, I reckon - so thanks for that. No moving-related problems, though, I'm pleased to report). Happy birthday to Hubby - awwww (and extra yay!!). :) x

  2. I think you should be thankful that Payton Manning is injured so that your Saints could roll over the Colts! (My hubby is from Indiana, but he's a Saints fan because Drew Brees went to Purdue where he went to college...!)

    I'm thankful for the sunrise I sat and watched yesterday and that my foot is healing!

  3. * Discount will be capped at $14 (regardless of the final score)

  4. Thanks to you for sharing about the RNR NOLA discount! I talked my husband into going with me and we signed up at the last minute on Monday night. I'm so excited!

  5. Happy birthday to the hubby! ;) Thankful immune system. I'm fighting off this cold before it has a chance to stick!

  6. @Chi - from experience, I can tell you that the move will be stressful but it WILL be over before you realize it!

    @Kathy - oh! that's a good one!

    @Seung - correction noted. thank you!

  7. @JTLG - hooray!

    @Kristy - love it! show those cold germs who's boss! (and i told him. he says "thanks.") :)

  8. B, I can't believe how fast it's going already. :) Stress yesterday was work-related, but that too will be over soon! ;) Thanks mrs :)


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