Tuesday, October 4

Two for Tuesday

Two runs. Two blog posts. Both completely unplanned. So today turned into a two-for-Tuesday! (Maybe not as good as Taco Tuesday, but who's counting?)

I went for a morning "shake the dust off" run to take the edge off of post-flight achiness. Sometimes the best way to work out the kinks* is to get moving.

Apparently the morning run worked well, because by 4pm I was ready for another run. I called Hubby and we made plans to do a 5k after work. (If achy limbs were like dusty furniture, I'd be 60s sitcom sparkling! My house never is, so my legs might as well be...)

When we started, I kept telling myself that I'd just run a mile, then walk the rest. After all, I had already done the run that was on my schedule.

But the farther I ran, the more convinced I was that I'd just run the whole 5k. I even had enough kick left to sprint the last quarter mile.

Honestly, I can't remember the last time I did a two-a-day run, but it felt good. I just hope my legs don't hate me tomorrow.

Do you ever run twice a day?

*No, not that kind of kinks, and not that kind of kinks either.

Photo courtesy of Nationaal Archief.


  1. That's awesome - sounds like you really lucked out with the weather on your return! Glad to hear it (and hope you're not extra achey today) :)

  2. I've only done two-a-days getting ready for a relay race where I'll be running multiple legs. Great job moving those sparkly legs!


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