Monday, October 24

Supremely productive day

Today I gave the hip a rest and put my energy into other projects.
Maybe this is over-achieving for a Monday, but I...
The bread: ready for its close-up.
  • Finished grading papers
  • Had a very productive day at the "day job"
  • Baked bread and made a big batch of vegetarian tortellini soup for Meatless Monday (oh... the joys of working from home... you can start dough on your lunch break and have fresh bread for dinner!)
  • Did (gentle) yoga stretches while the bread was baking
  • Scheduled a much-needed sports massage
  • Re-organized the refrigerator and pantry
  • Started building my training plan for the winter months... I know it's not even Halloween yet, but there's no time like the present to start training for spring races!
  • Speaking of Halloween... I dug my favorite running costume out of the mothballs for this week's Haunted Hash Run and other holiday running adventures...
I'm in the black and yellow.
Can you tell what I am?
PS - I'll post the answer later this week.
Cue contented/exhausted sigh!
Now it's time to catch up on Monday Night Football.

Are you doing any dress-up dashes for Halloween this year?
If so, what are you planning for your costume?
Do you plan your costume to be running-friendly, or do you just go for the most memorable getup you can think of?


  1. It always feels so good to knock out a bunch of things in a day! I have also totally made bread during the day too (I work from home as well!).

  2. Great job! I'd love to see your training plan - I justregisteredfor an early March half marathon & I'm chomping at the bit to start training again.


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