Monday, October 31

Haunted Halloween hash

On my life list of running I can check off:

Running at night
Trail running
Running in costume

But trail running, in costume, in the dark, for a hash run?
Now I can check that off too!

The weekend's Haunted Halloween Hash run was a trail "run" that started after dark and wound through an oak forest. We ran the streets from our starting point to the trailhead, but despite flashlights, we slowed to a brisk walk once we left the pavement. (I still got whacked by a few unseen branches... )

The hares claim that the trail was "only" two miles, but when you're walking through unfamiliar woods, in the dark, with only the occasional glow stick marking the way, the trip seems much longer than two miles! Toward the end I started to worry that we were going in circles. (I'm pretty sure black-and-orange knee highs + a tech t-shirt are not acceptable attire for a night spent sleeping in the woods.)

Hubby added that bouncing through the woods with flashlights reminded him of a creepy scene from Blair Witch.

Which brings me to the haunting...
One of the "ghouls" got me good! I knew there would be hashers hiding behind trees to jump out and scare us. I heard the screams of a group up ahead, and knew a "haunting" was coming up. But the hidden hasher still managed to scare the bejeebers out of me!

After the run, we huddled around a bonfire, with bowls of chili and our beverages of choice. One particularly kind hasher also baked a cake to celebrate Hubby's October birthday. Aww!
Haunted photo?
We're pretty sure everyone made it back safely, but we forgot to do a headcount.

So who knows...
...maybe the woods really are haunted now?
*cue evil laughter*

Happy Halloween all!

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  1. haha that's awesome. I think I'd be too creeped out by the flashlights-in-the-dark thing to do it myself. Eep! But yay for haunted fun and bonfires (and CAKE!) :)


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