Monday, October 3

Weekend in the Berkshires

While I admit this is not much of a running post, even the most dedicated runner needs a "rest" day. So let's file this under cross-training, travel, and gorgeous autumn scenery.

Traveling this weekend for a wedding, I spent a couple of days in eastern New York and western Massachusetts. It was a bit early for the peak of fall "leaf peeping" season, but the Berkshires are gorgeous any time of year.

On the last day of the trip, I went for a morning hike with my family. The trailhead is at the Housatonic river, just outside the tiny town of Stockbridge, MA. From there, we trekked to Ice Glen (1.4 miles, 275' elevation).
Trailhead signs.
Bridge at the trailhead
The trail starts out wide, flat, and easy, but turns into a boulder-clambering adventure about 1/2 mile into the hike. It rained earlier in the morning, so to say we got muddy would be an understatement. I only packed running shoes for this trip (the hike was a last-minute decision), so if anyone has recommendations for shoe-cleaning, I'd appreciate it!
Then we went back down to the river, and hiked the Laura's Tower trail, adding another 1.5 mile round-trip and 600' elevation (not counting the stairs to the top of the tower).
Stairs to the top of the tower.
View from Laura's tower.
I only ran enough to get ahead and take pictures of my family coming up the trail. I considered running more, but then I slipped and fell on my arse, so I decided that was enough running. Fortunately my camera and my tailbone survived the fall.
I suspect a trail running career is not in my future...

Any recommendations for getting ground-in mud out of running shoes?

Do you have any favorite fall hikes or trail runs?


  1. Ah, I definitely need to get a hike in sometime during the next couple of weeks as the leaves start to change. Looks like a beautiful way to spend time with your family. I'm glad your camera and tailbone weren't harmed in the making of this post.

  2. I'm really enjoying this fall trail running weather.I never used to be a trail runner and hated it but now I'm really enjoying it. It's so calm and peaceful

  3. According to, Stockbridge was recently voted best town for "leaf-peeping", apparently. Sounds like you had a great weekend, delighted to hear it! Fantastic photos. :)


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