Sunday, December 11

Baby, it's cold outside!

Temperatures may be in the 30s in the mornings here, but the only way Pensacola, FL is going to see "snow" is if someone sprays foam on the old courthouse lawn.
Pensacola's idea of a White Christmas: a lawn covered in foam (right),
and an adult dressed like Frosty the Snowman (left).

Am I the only one who thinks playing in a giant public bubble-bath is a little bit weird? I think if you choose to live here, you have to accept that Florida weather precludes any possibility of having a white Christmas. What you get, instead, are Mardi Gras beads!
Pensacola Christmas Parade.
Yes, folks. On the Gulf Coast every holiday is Mardi Gras!
Don't get me wrong. I do miss snow.
Just not enough to fake it.

Winter is my favorite season for running, and not just because nighttime runs are brightened with holiday lights. I am a cold-weather running lover. My pace is 90 seconds-per-mile faster in December than in August, without even trying. I will wear shorts until the temperature dips below 35. That said, I'll admit, I haven't had to deal with running in snow for years.

I think the last time I ran in snow was on a work trip to Alberta, Canada back in 2008... I loved the crisp air, even if I hated the often-slippery footing.

But if I have to choose between snow and sauna, winter wins every time!

Running in the winter: Love it or hate it?
What about fake snow?
Ever collect beads at a Christmas parade?
(Yea, me neither until I moved here...)


  1. I guarantee up here in Illinois we'll get more than our share...and I'm willing to share!! ;)

  2. I don't miss 'winter'. I live here in North Carolina and we'll get snow from time to time but it melts and is gone in just a few days.


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