Wednesday, December 14

Good morning city!

Good morning from downtown San Diego!
I woke up this morning to sneak a couple of streak-y miles in before a busy day at the office.

I love urban running, especially early in the morning.

I love watching the delivery workers delivering food and other supplies to the restaurants and hotels.

I love watching the taxicabs cruise the streets (and this early in the morning the roads belong to taxicabs and delivery trucks).

I love how on-my-toes I need to be: looking over my shoulder to check for turning cars, dodging people sleepwalking to work with their heads bent over their first coffee of the day, jumping off the curb and into the street for a block to stay out of the way of the window-washer's equipment.

Nothing wakes me up quite like a morning run in a place like this...
Downtown San Diego skyline (photo from 2009)

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  1. oh I love San Diego! I used to have to go there for work and I loved it! I'm jealous!


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