Wednesday, December 21

Dear Santa

Photo courtesy of the State Library and Archives of Florida
Dear Santa,

You might have noticed that tomorrow is the first day of winter. I bring this up because it is relevant to my request.

I have not asked you for anything in years, but this year there is one thing I need.

Now, I know what you're thinking, and I promise I'm not asking for a Boston Qualifying marathon time or guaranteed entry into the New York City marathon. I realize that I can only do those things on my own. 

What I am asking for is something much simpler, especially given that it's winter already. So here goes..


Seriously. It is 94 percent humidity with temperatures in the mid-70s in northwest Florida today. This sauna is supposed to continue for the rest of the week.

I can't wear my eyeglasses outdoors because they fog up and I can't see. It has stopped raining, but my 5-mile run this morning left me so sweaty that there might as well have been torrential downpours given how drenched I was post-run.

I've heard that training through heat and humidity will make me a stronger runner, and that when I get a chance to run in cooler weather, I'll see the results.

But here's the thing... I can't see those "results" if it never cools off.

So, dear Santa, please find it in your heart to give me a couple of months of cool running weather. Or at least turn down the humidity. I don't ask for much... maybe just January and February for a start.

If you give me this one gift, I promise to log lots of long runs and to be kind to others in 2012.

Yours truly,

Beth (i run like a girl)


  1. Pretty amazing this close to Christmas! I think, though, that I will be darn jealous of that next month when it finally gets cold here!

  2. Besides the travel thing, I think one reason I backed off a Feb ultra in Florida was the fact that they specifically mentioned that it was still humid there in Feb! It is one thing to deal with that when you are used to it, but we've passed that season in Atlanta. I would die with that kind of weather now!


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