Thursday, December 15

Personal rain cloud

Tonight's run was one for the history books. Or the movies.
After work, I ran the 1.5 miles from my hotel to a rental car place, only to discover that I left my driver's license back in my hotel room! Doh!

I was supposed to meet friends 20 minutes later for a 5 mile run. I had two options: 1 - suck it up, skip my social run, and make the 3-mile round trip for my rental... OR...
2 - Phone a friend and sweet-talk her into picking my lame ass up off a street corner.

You can guess which option I chose.
(Thank you K!)

So I made it to the run on time.
And we started.
Then the rain started.
I felt one drop.
Then three.
The rain got harder.
And harder.

By the last mile, it was almost a joke.
Like the Bishop's golf game scene in Caddyshack.
"I don't think they heavy stuff is going to come down for quite awhile."
Just when you thought it couldn't rain any harder.
It rained harder.

Our shoes squished.
Our eyes stung.
(None of us even knew rain was in the forecast!)

On the way back to my hotel, I left a puddle in K's car.
(Which I wouldn't have felt as badly about if it was my rental car! Sorry K!)

And here's the history-books part: When K drove me back to my hotel (less than 5 miles away as the crow flies)... the streets around my hotel were bone dry. Not a drop of rain. Not. One. Drop.

It's like I'm dragging around my own personal rain cloud!
Source: via Melanie on Pinterest
But this rain cloud wasn't SO bad...
At least it's a run we'll never forget!

When was your last run in the rain?
And am I the only person who forgets really important things like bringing a DL to the rental car place? (I'll bet the clerk thinks I'm a scam-artist!)

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  1. Funny funny - loved the Caddyshack reference. My run Thursday was a monsoon the first three miles then bone dry the last three. Funny Texas weather.


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