Tuesday, December 20

Santa humor and holiday indulgence

Saw this holiday humor and had to share...
Photo courtesy of Mordant Orange
Fruits and vegetables are my favorite foods any time of year. I honestly prefer oatmeal with fruit over pastry for breakfast.

However, If I were Santa and got a plate of celery, I'd leave a bunch of coal behind. Then I'd cross that house off my list for next year!

When my mom sends a pound of her homemade fudge to me for Christmas, I will eat it all and not feel the bit least guilty. (Ok. I might share with Hubby. Might.) If cookies cross my path in December, I will indulge in a few and not think twice. I could ignore eggnog, but mulled wine and I are good friends. I see no reason to turn my back on a friend during the holidays.

You can do what you want... But if you choose celery over cookies, do me a favor and send your cookies my way. I'll find a good home for them! I promise.

What's your take on holiday feasting: indulge, avoid, or everything in moderation?


  1. Indulge, indulge, indulge! Since we're so good most of the year, there's nothing wrong with a little indulgence at the end of the year :)

  2. I tend to indulge - it's such a rarity to have so many treats around so I don't monitor myself very strictly. Come Jan 1 though, I buckle down a bit!

  3. I tend to indulge during the holidays because we're usually back at home. My whole routine is shot and it's hard to stay on track.

  4. I definately indulge! I try not to overdo it, but really as long as I'm getting my workout in and not eating everything in sight during the holiday season and getting back on track as soon as it's over I don't feel bad AT ALL! It's all about enjoying life!

  5. I try to strive to be moderate some of the time during the holidays, but I do let myself indulge some of the time - parties, holiday meals.... Life is short and sharing food is a really important cultural experience in my book.


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