Wednesday, February 29


In honor of Leap Day (February 29th)...
Runner's World posted the obvious story on plyometrics on their Facebook wall. (Yes, folks. Apparently we should all be leaping on Leap Day. You'll have to pardon me if I don't take them up on that recommendation...)

Kara Goucher is encouraging people to participate in Nike + Leap Day Challenge. (Well, I normally run every day on Wednesdays anyway, so does that automatically count?)

And Zappos is offering a 4-year return policy on running shoes ordered today. To quote their return policy:
"You can return your purchase for up to 365 days from the purchase date. If you purchase on 2/29 of a Leap Year, then you have until 2/29 the following Leap Year to return those orders. That's four whole years! Woot!"
(That's a bit better than plyometrics, in my humble opinion.)

And taking Leap-fever to the extreme, at one hospital in Orlando, there was a significant increase in bookings for C-sections because parents want their babies to be born on February 29th. However, in Virginia soon-to-be-parents do what they can to avoid having their baby born on Leap Day. (While I am a Florida resident now, I cannot even begin to explain this phenomenon. Maybe my neighbors in Orlando want their children to qualify for discounted tickets to Disney until they're in their thirties? Or maybe they're just mean parents who only want to buy cake every fourth year...?)

Ok... ok... Leap babies don't only get one year older every time a Leap Year rolls around, thank goodness. Just think of what Leap birthdays would do to age-group rankings or potential to qualify for Boston...

What's your take on Leap Day? A special event or just another day of the week?


  1. Considering we only get a Leap Day every four years, it seems wrong that we have to work. I was going to run, but I'll probably just pick my banjo. So, just another day. Cheers!

  2. it's just another day to me, though I wish it were a holiday for EVERYONE!

  3. One of my co-workers had a baby today! Like for real, no special C-section or anything! Love Leap Day babies!


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