Thursday, February 23

Thursday thanks

I had an entirely different "thanks" planned for today...
But then I got out of bed, stepped on the scale, and the first two digits were digits I haven't seen in a year. (Maybe longer?) And yesterday my sprint intervals were finally back into the range that I consider to be my personal fast pace (6:50 for six 2-minute intervals with 1 minute rest).

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I don't talk about weight much because I am more concerned about being STRONG than I am about being skinny. I know that weight fluctuates with hydration, and that I can lose muscle and be "lighter" without being any healthier.

I debated not even writing about weight, because it's not the number that matters...

But I also know that I picked up some bad habits when I moved to Florida. (I mentioned this - briefly - back in November.) And those bad habits led to a 15-pound weight gain.

The scale showed a symptom of a larger problem: I was not as fit as I once was. What bothered me most was how much speed I had lost...

I spent years logging miles and lapping the track to bring my half marathon time from 2:20 down to 1:53, and I was still getting faster!

But then I allowed those bad habits creep in.
And in November I ran a 2:11 half marathon.
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How did I get almost 20 minutes slower?!?
I could blame the horrible Florida weather for messing with my training.

I could blame rich Southern food for tempting me with buttery goodness.

But that would all just be a load of crappy excuses.

To be clear: In my mind, it is always respectable to finish 13.1 miles, regardless of pace.

But I know I am capable of more.

So I took a hard look at my eating and exercise habits.
I made some adjustments:
  • More vegetables.
  • Meatless Mondays.
  • More complex carbs to replace the simple ones. (Hello quinoa and barley! Nice to see you again!)
  • Weight lifting three days a week.
  • More high-intensity interval training. (Sweaty weather is no excuse to skip track work.)
  • Getting at least 7 hours of sleep each night.
No "miracle diet."
No starvation or deprivation.

There was no overnight change.
But after four months, I see results.
I'm leaner.
We bought 15-pound weights to add to our household collection, because the 10s were getting too easy.
My muscles show.

So I'm thankful that those numbers on the scale prove what I already know. And I'm thankful that interval training has been paying off: a sub-24 minute 5k is within reach again...

Are you a scale-watcher? A pace-tracker? Or do you ignore the numbers?

And... more importantly:
What are YOU thankful for this week?


  1. Congratulations, well done you!! :) Impressive work, missy, and such a simple solution. (I too am sure we've gained weight since the move back from Ireland- but the food is SO GOOD! :)).

    Today I'm thankful for managing to have my first job interview of any kind this morning and not totally blowing it. Hurrah!!

  2. Way to go! It's so nice to see the rewards after hard work. Keep it up.

    I never weigh myself, actually, but I always know how I am doing by my clothes. I hate when they become snug!

  3. Good for you! It's hard not to get scale obsessed, and keep checking it, while trying to move around to get the number down a bit. Your way sounds the right way to go.


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