Thursday, February 2

Thursday thanks

Today I am thankful that people are awesome.
That sounds cliche. I'll explain...

The news is filled with stories of war, famine, terrorism, murder, and political wheeling-and-dealing.
But each and every day, people do kind and wonderful things for one another.
Unfortunately those stories don't often make the headlines.

This week I want to shift that balance, if only for a moment. For example...

For a moment, let's forget the news stories about the foreclosure crisis. Let's ignore the politicians who are tearing each other apart in debates over tax policy. Instead let's appreciate the small South Carolina town where patrons regularly pay it forward by paying for each other's morning coffee.
Just because.

Let's not focus on the horrible people who ended Montana runner Sherry Arnold's life too soon. (Sherry went out for a morning run and never came home. The police have two men in custody, but that won't bring Sherry back.) Rather than dwell on the tragedy, let's focus on the massive response of the running community: Sherry's cousin, Beth, began organizing a virtual run in Sherry's honor, and the response has been overwhelming.
If you are interested in joining, you can find more information here.

In the Detroit suburb of Plymouth, MI, one florist is giving away flowers. Lori Morrison is asking local residents to nominate people for a  "Good Job Bouquet."
For the rest of 2012, Morrison will accept nominations for people in Plymouth and the surrounding area who deserve recognition for nourishing their community. "It can be anyone," Morrison told news station WDIV, "maybe the mailman we take for granted, someone who walked your dog or brought you soup when you were sick." Morrison will hand-deliver a floral arrangement to a winner each week as a token of her, and her neighbors', appreciation.
I believe these things happen more often than we realize. I was the lucky recipient of someone's pay-it-forward kindness at a toll booth a few months ago.

There is even a website with random-act-of-kindness ideas if you want to practice a little at home. In fact, Random Acts of Kindness WEEK is just around the corner...

Have you ever witnessed/received/performed a random act of kindness? If so, I'd love to hear your story!

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  1. I've paid for others on the toll bridges heading towards DC - I had a few extra bucks and it seemed like the nice thing to do :)


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