Sunday, February 12

Places to run - Colorado

I just returned from another whirlwind trip to the west coast. My 48-hour work trip to San Diego left me with plenty of layover time in airports. Rather than give in to Cinnabon cravings, I started typing.

The result: another state added to the running travel guides!
Welcome to colorful Colorado!

Hubby and I spent time in Denver and Boulder in 2009 and returned to Colorado in 2010. It is a beautiful state, with plenty of running opportunities (and some noteworthy breweries for post-run "rehydration").
CooperSmith's in Fort Collins.
If you have a favorite place to run (in your hometown, or from a recent trip) and want to guest post about it, let me know! For example, Kristin at Everyday is Run Day sent us Postcards from Philadelphia.

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