Tuesday, February 14

Heart health and happy Valentine's

Iconic? Yes.
Delicious? No.
I'm not a huge fan of Valentine's Day.

In fact, I sort of hate the holiday.
Always have.

This "one day for love" crap makes me crazy. I usually dress in black and board up the windows on Feb 14th. I will not spend twice as much money as usual on a bland meal just to watch new couples (who will last about as long as the desert course) suck face in a restaurant. I will not buy into overpriced flowers.

(And I'm in a happy relationship, so haters can't blame my anti-V-Day sentiment on being bitter.)

EVERY day should be a day to care for the people we love.

But, thanks to the brilliance of some marketing director at the CDC, February is also Heart Month, and that's a holiday I can get behind.
Source: facebook.com via Shawnna on Pinterest

Heart disease, while almost entirely preventable, is the leading cause of death in America. Heart disease causes more deaths than all forms of cancer combined. I'm a runner. Hence, I love my heart. Any holiday that celebrates heart health is a good holiday in my book!

Unfortunately, heart disease flies under the media radar. Preventing heart disease is not as sexy as saving the Ta-Tas. There are no 3-day walks for heart health. There are no yogurt-top collection drives. But heart health is every bit as important as cancer prevention...

So, this month let's ditch the over-priced candy and do something kind for our tickers!

What's your feeling on Valentine's Day? Do you agree with me, or think I'm being grinch-like on this one? (Be honest. I can take it!)

PS - I also posted a more detailed article on heart health at Examiner.com.

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  1. I'm not opposed to Valentine's Day. I usually bring some candy for my students. I'm not into expensive gifts, though, or giving Hallmark my money.


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