Friday, February 24

Weekend interweb roundup

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Outrun Zombies!

Have you ever wondered how to get the gamer in your life off the couch? Download the iPhone app "Zombies, RUN!" and see if that attracts their attention.
Um... yeah. I think I'll stick with hash runs thankyouverymuch, but if this app gets more people up and moving it's a winner in my book.

Public Service Announcement:
This story will make you angry, sick, sad, or some combination of all three... Let it be said that long-distance running should never be punishment for a child.

Silver Linings:
Thankfully, for every story of despicable human behavior, there are at least two good ones.
Source: via Mandee on Pinterest

Good news story #1 - Mom.Swim.Bike.Run took a pretty hard tumble during a race, and just when the day started to look very dark, she received a much-needed visit from the Dinner Fairy.

And 2 through 366 Random Acts of Kindness: One man is performing an act of kindness (big or small) each day in 2012. Day 49 is my favorite so far.

If those stories don't restore your faith in humanity, it's quite possible that nothing will.

Giveaway Goodies:
Time is running out, so get your entries in for a chance to win:

More Giveaway Goodness:
Daily Vitamin F collects giveaway information from around the web, and posts it each week in Total Giveaway Tuesdays. F's giveaway clearinghouse idea is brilliant.
(Let's hope I win the sports wash. Mama needs a clean pair of socks!)

Speaking of having a clearinghouse for blogger information...
Once I started a Facebook page for yes, folks. i run like a girl, I realized that while I follow dozens of blogs in my reader, I have no idea what the Facebook pages are for many of them. (Some blogs make their contact/follow option more obvious than others.)

So, I've been finding and adding a few each week, but I'd like to connect with more of you!
So, let's use this post as a clearinghouse for links.
(I might be opening a can of spam here, but we'll see how it goes...)

If you're a regular reader, and have a FB page for your blog, leave a link in the comments for me + other readers to find you.


  1. I 'liked' your FB page - mine is at

  2. When I get on FB.. I will definitely "like" your page :)

  3. YAY for good news stories! Great post. You'll like this- the Chronicle program on Channel 7 (Boston) tonight highlighted Lovin' Spoonfuls, a food rescue operation here in Boston (web: - the founder realized after a holiday dinner that they could feed several people on the leftovers... and ended up founding the food rescue organization as a result. Wonderful story.

    Happy Friday!! :)

  4. i don't think i could even manage a FB page right now, but i will for sure be liking yours. thanks for the link ups!


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