Monday, February 13

Lots of miles but no running

I had a travel-busy week that ended with a redeye flight home Friday night. So I ran intervals before work on Friday and scheduled Saturday as a REST day. Circled. Underlined. Highlighted. (Just in case I somehow forgot. PS - I did not forget Sherry... I found my own way to participate.)
Dawn at the airport. One good thing about redeye
flights is watching the sun rise.
And sure enough, after flying more than 4,000 miles in less than 72 hours, my only wish for Saturday was to shower, change into pajamas, and spend the entire day on the couch.

This is not normal for me. I can't sit still through a 2-hour movie. I fidget. I get on the stationary bike or fold a load of laundry. Someday I will try to retire, and will wind up volunteering 40 hours a week...

But on Saturday I was dedicated to my task.

I would be lazy!
Peanut could be a coach for the US Olympic Lazy Team.
So my plane landed. I drove home. Showered. Changed into pajamas.
And parked myself on the couch.

It was a marathon of couch-sitting, and I won!
I managed to catch up on email and the prior week's DVRed television. I read. Hubby and I watched a movie.

I think there is still an imprint from my butt on one of the couch cushions.

Sunday was more productive (errands, cleaning, laundry) but still no running. I've had two races in the past month and have two more coming up in the next. One whole weekend off of running sounded like a brilliant way to recharge the ol' batteries.

So, in place of a Sunday long run, Hubby and I grabbed a set of rackets and headed to a nearby park to play Speedminton.
What? You've never heard of it?
Take badminton.
Remove the court.
And the rules.

And you've got the best backyard/beach/park game ever.

We played for an hour, and we haven't had that much fun exercising in a long time. Don't get me wrong - I love running. But running doesn't usually bring on belly laughs.

Diving for a wild shot or whiffing completely and catching a birdie in the nose? Belly laughs.

And laughter counts as a core workout, right?

What's your favorite lazy-day passtime?
Are there any other fun backyard games I should know about?

PS - I did not forget about the virtual Run for Sherry. I thought about her and her family often during the day. I didn't run, but I did cover many, many miles. So the frequent flier miles I earned Saturday have been donated to the Make-A-Wish foundation.

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  1. Donating your frequent-flier miles is an awesome substitution. Sounds like a great weekend! And belly laughs *definitely* count as core workout. (that's my story and I'm sticking to it...) :)


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