Monday, February 6

Running, but not catching up.

Yesterday I got to lead a Hares and Hounds run and spend some quality time with Hubby and our running buddies.

Sunday's headline: I ran, and no hounds caught me!

Today I'm up to my eyeballs in work. (It's only 3:30 and already I'm wondering how late I'll be working tonight and tomorrow...?)

Monday's headline: I'm running, but just keep getting farther behind...

Life has a funny way of balancing out sometimes.

I'll be back with a hash-run recap tomorrow.

Until then...
Keep the coffee coming!

Did you do any fun runs this weekend?
How's your Monday going?


  1. Gah, Monday sucks. It's a reminder of all the work to come.

  2. Your headlines are definitely great to read. And Monday's do suck.. I much prefer it to be Friday lol

  3. Thank you both! Honestly, I normally try not to hate Mondays -- but this one was just awful.

    Hooray for Tuesday! :)


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