Saturday, February 4

Race Report: Double Bridge Run (15k and 5k)

The start:
The Double Bridge Run begins in downtown Pensacola, and is point-to-point. Runners need to wake up extra early, drive to the beach, and then shuttle-bus to their start area.
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Shuttles for 15k runners are only available from 5-6am, so if you are not an early bird, run the 5k (shuttles 6-7:30am). 5k runners get to sleep in. (I was a 5k-er last year, and loved the race. I greatly regret running the 15k this year... but now I'm jumping ahead.)

The bad:
Let's start with the fact that my race results don't exist. Granted, this was not the run of my life. (I'm not too proud to admit I had gastro-intestinal issues today.) But I FINISHED.

It took some fortitude to get up at 4am, realize I'd spend most of my pre-race hours in a port-o-potty, and still run.

I want it on the record, damnit!
If I wanted to "just run" 9 miles this morning, I could have slept in!

Also, the finish area was over-crowded, as was the post-race venue. I am pleased to see a local race gaining traction. But given how big this race has gotten, I think it's time to rethink some of the logistics, including (I'm sure you knew I'd get to this) more port-o-potties! The lines were 30-40 runners deep before the 15k began.

And make sure those loos are stocked with TP!

Years ago I learned to bring my own TP to races. I carry some at every race. But it still irks me when I need to use my own.

This is such a simple thing, but so many races skimp on loos. Why?!?

The other stuff:
Not having post-race shuttles is an annoyance, but tolerable.
Boarding the buses was actually a breeze. No lines. No waiting. That was a bonus.

Headwinds are an issue.
This is not a "fast" course. In the morning, winds blow in off the water. The route points runners right into the wind, with no trees or buildings for relief. (They don't call it the "Double Bridge" for nothing...) From what I understand, the headwinds were worse this year than usual. Even the winner was more than 3 minutes slower this year than last year on account of the wind.

The good:
The Double Bridge Run is an iconic Florida race. How many times in your life will you get to run the "3 mile bridge" and see this sign?
As a driver, I find this sign amusing.
As a runner, it takes on a whole new meaning.
Also, the crowd support for the last mile was fairly impressive. While Pensacola is a runner's town, it is not a spectator-haven, so having good crowd support for the home stretch was a pleasant surprise.

The finish:
The post-race feast included a respectable spread of bananas, oranges, cookies, and assorted chips in the finish area, plus red beans and rice and cold beer at the after-party.

Have I mentioned that I'd rather have my race results than a few slices of orange?

All things considered, I'd run in the 5k again, but I'm pretty sure I won't sign up for the 15k next year.

Have you ever had to contact a race organizer to post or correct your race results?
In a decade of running, this is a first for me!


  1. That's frustrating that your results were lost. Local friend here had the same problem after finishing her first marathon (Portland). Can you imagine?!! They eventually got it worked out there. You should definitely contact the race director.

  2. Ugh, how frustrating - especially after your digestive issues! Boo. Congrats on getting through it, though! :)


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